(Extracted from 'Sustainability UK')

Individuals, families, communities and nations face an increasingly-important choice:

Continue on the unsustainable path of the mainstream population.

Which simply means that the planet will become ever-less viable for Life, or…

Adopt a wholly-more-sustainable set of values and actions.

In part, for existing adults, the sounder option amounts to ‘unlearning’ harmful actions.

For upcoming generations, they need to be able to avoid the worst of the harm.

They did not choose their origins, their parentage or background, or to be deceived.

Needed is the option to not embroil them in the ubiquitous deceptions of 'Convention'.

Such an option does however require the tacit support of broad-scale ‘re-education'.

That is to say, at every level, adults need to support the avoidance of needless harm.

This is both within young people and, within the entire adult population.

It also means with regard to all aspects of the wider ecology.

It includes all the ignorance about Life itself that cultivates dis-ease and much worse.

Most simply, this amounts to nurturing Nature, and protecting the environment.

This may sound trite, a repeat of ‘existing’ values, or even, entirely unrealistic.

However, no current courses of action go anywhere near to that which is needed.

More-so, by the simplest of steps, groundswell improvements are feasible.

These improvements need to be systemic across all Wellbeing & Sustainability options.

The choice is simple:

Continue with unsustainable levels of harm, or…

Find out how to begin to help to reverse the escalation of it.