(Extracted from 'Sustainability UK')

The sum-total of the UK amounts to a relatively small landmass.

Many areas are densely populated and commercialized, and becoming more-so.

So-called, ‘Punching above its weight’ with a ‘Mature economy’ mounting pressures abound.

Serious examples stem from Leadership, invariably influenced by the mores of Politicking.

At a lesser level, but broadly, the pursuit of ‘gains’ provides the demanded taxation.

The related stresses and pressures threaten viability overall – people, and all else.

On the other hand, simplistically, charitable endeavour seeks to lessen the resultant harm.

The imbalances between the exploits and the existing remedies are massive.

Unrequited human dis-ease is just one of the many unresolved consequences.

At a wider level, harm escalates across most of Life, and the supporting ecology.

Wholly-adequate remedies are not in the public domain, nor are they implemented.

They do however exist – in sound, benign, non-adversarial, sustainable forms.