Initial Introduction

'Test' examples of existing Forms have attracted significant responses.

By definition, the majority of them are anonymous.

It is thereby impractical to identify between serious interest and otherwise.

This lack of distinction extends to the extent of the interest indicated.

At one level, 'Membership' entitles every-person support for such promotional purposes.

At the other, it can amount to Collaborative contributions.

These can be such as Financial support through to JV-type contributions.

Irrespective, the primary objective is reductions in Life-related issues.

At this higher level, initial contact is invited via postal services.

This will enable confidential contact that receives priority attention.

Please therefore, in the first instance, send a brief introduction to:

Derek Whittall, Founder

Dew Holdings Ltd.

Unit 7, Horizon Works

397-399 Dereham Road

New Costessey, Norwich


Thank you for your understanding and interest.