Non-Misleading: The Incontrovertible Life-Facts

The DEW (Derek E Whittall) discoveries into absolute-Core understandings are invaluable.

They arose from the detailed study of a selection of identifiable Existential ambiguities.

These findings have far-reaching implications across all of existence.

Derek's primary focus however was on costly Life-related issues.

Specifically, the emphasis was on systemic Life issues that cause extensive harm.

The outcomes cover the spectrum of Wellbeing and Sustainability issues.

This, to the extent that fundamental reductions are feasible across the spectrum of them.

The implications being that viable well-being can be extended exponentially.

These advancements are practicable across the entire human race with immeasurable potentials.

It follows that every aspect of viable sustainability can benefit overall.

His aim was to Launch a related new Consultancy Service quite some time ago.

The Launch was delayed due to unrelated obligations and circumstances.

With the majority of Origination recoverable, progress toward a Phoenix Launch is underway.

It is a long-overdue 'Sleeping Giant' Initiative of unsurpassable excellence.

Iteratively, it will define the pathway to Sustaining Human Viability and that of the planet.

With some additional resources, actual Launch remains feasible in 2022.

This 'Key-Links' site is therefore being developed to provide access to initial detail.

The accompanying Key Links screen is the primary start-point.

The following Contacts Link is a more-direct option.